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The Government Prepares a Personal Data Protection Bill

The Indonesian Telecommunications Regulaotry Agency (BRTI) confirmed that the practice of buying and selling personal data is an unlawful act, which could be punishable by imprisonment and fines. At present, the Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO) has completed a draft of the Personal Data Protection Bill. This BRTI statement came after the mass media coverage of the sale and purchase of personal data on e-commerce platforms. At present, there are around 30 regulations governing data protection, relating to human rights, defense, security, health, population administration, finance and banking, trade, industry, and telecommunications. As a step to strengthen the protection of personal data, KOMINFO initiated the Personal Data Protection Bill. The Draft Bill on Personal Data Protection defines sensitive data, that is personal data that requires special protection, consisting of data relating
to religion/beliefs, health, physical and mental conditions, sexual life, personal financial data, and other personal data. Currently the Personal Data Protection Bill is being reviewed in the State Secretariat and will be submitted to the DPR for further discussion for immediate ratification. YAN

Source: https://tekno.tempo.co/read/1206522/pemerintah-siapkan- ruu-perlindungan-data pribadi/full&view=ok with changes.