AP’s Specialty

maritime law

Indonesia is an archipelagic state. Our legal team have provided legal advice in the areas of ship financing, collision claims, cargo claims and provide timely advice on ship arrest through our network in Singapore, London and Norway. We provide legal advice to ship owners, ship charterers, and cargo owners, both in arbitration and claims of ownership rights or damage related to cargo.


international & domestic arbitration

The firm has represented clients in International and Domestic Arbitrations as well as under BANI Rules. Our legal teams are thorough, tenacious and committed. Our competencies include language fluency in English and Mandarin. The client’s need to mitigate risk related to legal issues it faces is our main consideration in providing legal services. We focus on achieving effective and targeted solutions.




Criminal Litigation is an area of litigation that is often neglected and avoided by larger firms. However, our firm focuses on his often neglected practice areas. We have provided legal advice to various types of corporations in conducting criminal reporting related to complex business schemes that can harm the company. We are also experienced in assisting clients in the criminal justice processes both as complainants, suspects and / or defendants.


Construction Litigation and Arbitration require a through knowledge of construction service coupled with perseverance and thoroughness. Collating, analyzing and strategic use of a large amount of available documents and data are key to success in this practice area. We combine knowledge in the field of construction services with thoroughness in legal tracking so that we can handle every construction dispute comprehensively.



Our law firm is experienced in assisting companies in loans, syndications, and other forms of corporate transactions. We have provided legal advice for corporate restructuring to provide transparency and better management in the company.

Commercial disputes are part of every business. Our Legal Team can help you resolve commercial disputes by exploring the culture and intricacies of the legal system in Indonesia. We have provided legal advice to clients in complex and difficult commercial litigation cases. Your need to mitigate legal risk in business is our most important priority. We offer practical and effective solutions to resolve your disputes domestically.
Your need to mitigate your legal risk in business is paramount in our minds. We pride ourselves in offering practical and workable solutions in your domestic litigation. Debt recovery and disputes are part of every business. Our lawyers assist you to navigate the waters of the Indonesian legal system. We have advised on difficult and complex litigation matters.
cyber law

Cyber law is a challenging and rapidly developing area of practice. The firm has represent- ed several start-up ventures as well as established players in Financial Technologies. The firm has experience in drafting documents relating to transactions for an online transpor- tation company including payment option agreements used by these online applications. In addition to the corporate work, the firm also has demonstrable expertise in online defa- mation and computer fraud cases.