World Maritime Day 2019


Our Managing Partner, Ms. Fitri, was being one of the speaker at the Third World Maritime University International Women’s Conference in Malmo, Sweden, on 4-5 April 2019. The event is commemorating the theme of World Maritime Day 2019 sets by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”.
She presented her empirical research, entitled “Building Business, Enriching Lives: Empowering Women in Fishing Communities of Tegal and Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia.”
In principle, it is her research findings that building a specific cooperative for the wives’ of fishermen will empower their capacity and increase their standard of living. Furthermore, she encourage direct involvement from all the conference’s participant to support the program of the Parent Cooperative Indonesia National Police (INKOPPOL) in sponsoring the dream of Indonesian fishermen’s daughters get higher education in Jakarta Fisheries University.
This in the long run hopefully will break the cycle of poverty and increase the capacity of women within the Indonesia fishing community.