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The Director-General of Population and Civil Registration issues a decree to all heads of district/city population and civil registration throughout Indonesia No. 472-2/5876/DUKCAPIL dated May 19, 2017. This letter as a follow-up to the Verdict of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia Number. 69/PUU- 13/2015 dated October 27, 2016 which allows marital agreements to be made after during the marriage.

This letter comprises of explanation of the administration of marital agreement registration. The marital agreement, according to the decree, is made by notarial deed and reported to the technical implementing unit of the implementing agency (“UPT”). The requirements and procedures of marital agreement reporting is made in consideration of the time of the formulation of agreement, the location of the formulation of agreement, and the location of marital registration and the amendment or revocation of the marital agreement.

Related with the registration of marital agreements, the civil registry officials at the implementing agency or UPT make foot notes on the register of deeds and citation of marital certificates. Meanwhile, particularly for marital certificate or by other name issued by another country, yet the marital agreement or its amendment and its revocation is made in Indonesia, the registration of marital agreement is made in the form of certificate with a special format.