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Entering its 5th year, AP held a working meeting at Grandhika Iskandarsyah hotel to align the law firm’s vision and mission. The working meeting was held from 28-29 October 2017 and attended by the management as well as staffs.

The working meeting was held to prepare AP in facing competition and developing as an organization as well as individuals within it since AP believes that only by developing the organization as well as the individuals within AP will the organization be capable of competing at an international level. In addition, as an expression of gratitude, on 24 October 2017, AP held a Koran recital and koran Complete reading Competition for children at an orphanage.

The series of celebratory events was concluded with cake cutting and candle blowing, and last but not least, saying a prayer of thanks to God for continuously blessing AP in doing good works. The prayer was said by Ms. Setyawati Fitri A, S.h., LL.M, FCIArb as Managing Partner, and Mr. Ins. Gen. Pol. (ret.) Drs. h. Mudji Waluyo, S.h., M.M. as AP Founder.