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SNI is standard determined by Agency of National Standardization (BSN) on goods, services, system, process, and personnel in the territory of Indonesia.

The following are procedural steps to obtain certificate of SNI, as regulated under Decree of Head of Agency of Industrial Research and Development (BPPI) No. 247/BPPI/X/2008 on Standard Operational Procedure on Issuance of Product Certificate on Usage of Mark of Indonesian National Standard (SPPT SNI):

1. Ensure the SMM Certificate

Ensure that your company or enterprise have obtained Certificate on Quality Management System (SMM) issued by Agency of Quality Management System (LSMM) accreditated by Committee of National Accreditation (KAN).

2. Visit the office of LSPro

Visit the office of Body of Product Certification (LSPro) by bringing copy of company documents, for instance article of association, documents of permit, as well as ownership of brand, if any.

3. Fill the application form of SPPT SNI by enclosing:

a. copy of SMM Certificate

b. accompanied with certificate from LSSM of originating country and mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) with KAN.

4. Verification of application document

Verification is conducted on application document that has been received by LSPro. This process take up one day.

5. Audit on correctness of document and audit of suffciency

Audit on correctness of document and audit of sufficiency are conducted by appointed assessor. This process will take up to 5 days (for imported product). Process on this first phase usually takes up one day.

6. Scheduling the audit of compliance

Should audit on correctness of document and audit of sufficiency have been carried out, then LSPro will schedule audit of compliance which comprised of audit of quality management system and collection of product sample that will take up to 20 days.

7. Audit on system and collection of sample

In the stage of audit of compliance, there will be audit on system that
is conducted by assessor and collection of sample by officer of product sample collector. The audit process usually takes minimum 5 days. In this stage, test on product sample in order to obtain sertification of test result that is a valuation on product sample, will also be conducted. In the event, the result of test does not fulfill the SNI’s requirements, then the applicant is asked to conduct re-test. Should the re-test result does not meet the SNI’s requirement, then the application of SPPT SNI is rejected. Duration of test on product sample does not included into the calculation of SPPT SNI.

8. Materials of panel meeting

Officer of Pantek (Technical Committee) prepares materials of panel meeting for company that has fulfilled requirements (result of audit on system without major discovery or there is major discovery but has been covered and result of laboratory test that has met the product standard).

9. Decision of certification

Materials for panel meeting composed from all documents of audit and result of test. Preparation on materials for panel meeting could take 1 to 7 working days, while the panel meeting requires 1 working day.

10. Granting of SPPT SNI
Should all requirements are fulfilled; LSPro will issue SPPT SNI for the applicant product in the next day.

11. Cost for obtaining SNI
Cost to obtain applied in the Ministry of Industry are regulated in the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No. 47 of 2001 on Type and Tariff on Type of Non-Tax State Revenue which applies in the Ministry of Industry.

The above are procedure to obtain SNI in accordance to prevailing laws. Hopefully it could help the reader in carrying out business.