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Online Mediation

Online mediation can be an alternative for litigant parties to resolve disputes amidst the implementation of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy that is being implemented by the Government. Online mediation is regulated under Article 5 paragraph (3) of Supreme Court Regulation Number 1 of 2016 on Court-Sanctioned Mediation Procedures. The article provides that mediation meetings can be conducted through long-distance audio-visual communication media, so that it is possible for all parties to see and hear each other directly and participate in the meetings. However, this online mediation does not yet have more detailed regulations and is not yet integrated as part of E-litigation, the Supreme Court Regulation Number 1 of 2019 on Administration of Court Cases and Proceedings by Electronic Means. Despite this, online mediation has proceeded
and conducted by several courts, among others, mediation on case number 99/Pdt.G/2020/PA.Ngr by Negara Religious Court1 and case number 43/ Pdt.G/2020/PA.Stn by Sentani Religious Court2.


Currently the Supreme Court is drafting Supreme Court Regulation regarding online mediation and we wait for a more comprehensive framework to conduct these Mediation meetings. HAL/HES


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